All LuasHosting services are summarized below! (All prices are monthly unless specified otherwise)

Website hosting plans

All orders will be processed and activated within 1 working day of receiving payment

Questions? Contact us at ‪(508) 413-3037‬

You may also call the number above to request a custom arrangement for hosting services.

Truro plan – $8

Basic support (within 3 business days)

100 Mb/s line (500 GB/Month)/ 5 GB Disk (SSD)

Orleans plan – $16

Mid-Tier support (within 2 business days)

100 Mb/s line (1 TB/Month)/10 GB Disk (SSD)

Harwich plan – $22

Upper Mid-Tier support (Within 2 Working Days)

250 Mb/s line (2 TB/Month)/20 GB Disk (SSD)

99.99% SLI up to cost of plan

Barnstable Plan – $40

1 GB/s line (4 TB/Month)

Enterprise-class support (within 24 hours)

500Mb/s line (4 TB/Month)40 GB Disk(SSD)

99.99% SLI up to 1.5x cost of plan

VPS Hosting plans

Wellfleet plan – $12

1 vCPU/2 GB ram

200 MbPS line (unmetered)/40 GB Disk

Basic support (3 Business days)

Salem plan – $24

2 vCPUs/4 GB ram

500MbPS line (unmetered)/80 GB Disk

Basic support (3 Business days)

Cambridge plan – $32

4vCPUs/8GB ram

1GbPS (unmetered)/160 GB Disk

Mid Tier support (Within 2 Business days)

Boston Plan – $55

8 vCPUs/8GB ram

2GbPS (unmetered)/160 GB Disk

Upper-Mid-Tier support (Within 2 working days)

Other Server types

Gameserver hosting requires a custom quote depending on the game, please contact us

Managed hosting also requires a custom quote, please contact us

We offer VPN services (random assigned location unless specified) for 5$ a month with unlimited bandwidth

Other add-ons

Dedicated phone support – $100

Guaranteed 1 day response time – $40

Extended SLI – Custom quote needed